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Take a trip down memory lane and learn almost anything you have ever (or never) wanted to know about your favorite SRO performers can be found right here just by clicking their headshot.

Austin Kiley

"I regret nothing!"

Alex Mendoza

"It's all about the shoes."

Brett Nichols

"I need Starbursts to get through a performance."

Katie Glasgow

"I chug tea like it's my job."

Josh Smith

"I'm running around like a crazy person with butterflies in my stomach."

Jill Weston

"Unfair question!!!"

Andrew Simek

"Waking up, and simple left-handed tasks..."

Annie Fabiano

"I think I am the only one who does not own an iPod!"


Alex Boyce

"I actually named my dog after that song."

Anna Simek

"No one could resist the power of my beard."

Jeff Tagliaferro

"I love Batman."

Megan Germond

"I got cast as Grumpy, and was none too pleased."


Mike Meaney

"I'm a bit of a potty mouth."

Jess Brookes

"I was a singing, dancing blue marlin fish."

Scott Fisher

"According to friends who know, I act just like one."

Beth Buczkowski

"I do not do well in sports...with the exception of tetherball."

Brendan Curtin

"I make accompanists go bonkers!"

Lauren Kovacic

"Kissing was pretty much the ONLY thing my character did…"

Mickey Ray

"I’d have to have a sex change, be a lot younger and have a much better voice."

Mackenzie Gannon

"I can play 'Bravely Bold Sir Robin' on my ukulele!"

Eli Carlin

"I'm addicted to motivational quotes!"

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