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Jess Brookes


Full given name: Jessica Lynn Brookes

Where you were born: Johnson City, NY

Zodiac Sign: Gemini

First Broadway show you ever saw? Riverdance on Broadway at the Gershwin Theatre, it was a sixth grade field trip.

When did you first get involved in theatre? My music teacher gave me a solo in chorus in 2nd grade. I was a singing dancing Blue Marlin fish... and I was hooked.

What drew you to audition for this show? Little Women has been one of my favorite shows since the cast recording made its way into my hands. I was 16 and loved Sutton Foster's voice and I fell in love with the show and Jo March's story almost instantly. When SRO posted the audition announcement on their Facebook page, I knew I had to go. I was working an internship with an equity theatre company in New Jersey and made a five hour trip for the audition. I'm so glad I did. I can't explain what it means to me to have the opportunity to step in Jo's shoes.

How do you like working with SRO so far? SRO is fantastic. I love the welcoming, talented group of people I get to work with and am impressed by the organization and professionalism of the company.

If you could go back in time and catch any Broadway show, what would it be? I have a mini-list: - Cabaret Revival (w/ Kate Shindle as Sally Bowles) - Anything Goes Revival (the final performance) - Songs for a New World (the first off-broadway performance) - Show Boat (the original, what started musicals with gutsy stories and statements to make)

Some favorite modern musicals: Little Women, Songs for A New World, Sunday in the Park with George, Death Takes a Holiday, In the Heights, Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson, Next to Normal, Shrek the Musical, See What I Wanna See

Some favorite classic musicals: Promises Promises, Funny Girl, The Sound of Music Favorite showtune(s) of all time: That's impossible!!!

First stage kiss: It was in Binghamton University's Summer Youth Musical Theatre Workshop's production of Wonderful Town. I was 15, playing Helen, and Will Aaron was Wreck. They made us kiss on the FIRST day of rehearsal. I was bright red.

Something you're REALLY bad at: Any sport where there's a ball in the air, softball, basketball, volleyball, tennis... forget it.

Most visited websites: I am 100% theatre nerd...'s Buzz Page, Facebook, Twitter, Playbill, and Backstage

Last book you read: Fifty Shades of Grey (*hides head in embarrassment)

Must see TV shows: Bunheads (w/ Sutton Foster), Ghost Hunters, anything on Discovery Health

Last good movie you saw? Paranormal Activity 3, The Hunger Games

Some films you consider classics: Singing in the Rain, Moulin Rouge, Ever After, Schindler's List, The Shining, and Grease 2!

Do you have Pre-show rituals or warm-ups? Water and singing through the song that scares me most. I also think gummy bears help for no scientifically supported reason.

Pop culture guilty pleasure: BroadwaySpotted on Twitter, I also admit to occasionally watching Fashion Police on E!

What song is the most played on your iPod? My iPod is dead at the moment. When I last checked it was "Touch Me" from Spring Awakening, but I'm sure now it's either something by Ingrid Michaelson or a Kerrigan and Lowdermilk song.

Three things you can't live without: friendship, art, and the City of New York

What are some of your dream roles? I'm playing Jo March!!!! I don't think it gets better than that... but if I have to list a couple more I'd say Gratzia Lamberti in Death Takes A Holiday, Fran in Promises Promises, and Fanny Brice in Funny Girl.

What are some shows you'd love to see SRO to do? Children of Eden, Death Takes A Holiday, Promises Promises, The Wedding Singer, 9 to 5, Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson, See What I Wanna See

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