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Alex Boyce


Full given name: Alexander Joseph Boyce

Where you were born/raised: Endicott, NY

Zodiac sign: Leo

First Broadway show you ever saw: Beauty & the Beast

When did you first get involved in theatre: I was 4 when I first did The Wiz with EPAC Children’s workshop.

What drew you to audition for this show: Godspell has become one of my favorites after seeing the last Broadway revival twice.

How do you like working with SRO so far: Wonderful. Everyone is so incredibly talented.

If you could go back in time and catch any Broadway show, what would it be: Opening night of Les Miserables.

Some favorite modern musicals: Les Mis, Tommy, Jersey Boys, The Producers.

Favorite classics musicals: State Fair, South Pacific, West Side Story, A Little Night Music Favorite showtunes: Oh What a Beautiful Morning from Oklahoma, Isn’t it Kinda Fun from State Fair, Edelweiss from Sound of Music, A Little Fall of Rain from Les Mis.

First stage kiss: I think Sarevah Shafer in Grease.

Something you're REALLY bad at: Not procrastinating

Most viewed website: Youtube

Last book you read: The Actors Art & Craft, Bill Esper teaches Meisner.

Must see TV shows: The Office

Last good movie you saw: Les Miserables!

Some films you consider classics: Sound of Music, Sean Connery as Bond, State Fair (’45 version), The Karate Kid.

Do you have any pre-show rituals/warm-ups: Relax, drink water, hear some music and finding some mindless activities.

Pop culture guilty pleasure: TMZ when I can’t sleep!

What song most played on iPod: Viva la Vida, actually named my dog after the song.

Three things can’t live without: Skittles, family, internet.

What are some of your dream roles: Wayne Frake- State Fair, The entire Von Trapp family, Javert.

What are some shows that you want to see SRO do: Les Mis, and they are!

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