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Show Dates

June 2021



Auditions for Honk! will be at the Firehouse Stage on MONDAY, March 29 & TUESDAY, March 30. Appointments will start at 6:30pm and run every 15 minutes with the final appointment each night starting at 9:45pm. Upon signing in, you directed to wait privately in a dressing room until your audition. The audition will take place in the main room of the space allowing for plenty distance between participants. You will be able to remove your mask to sing. Please plan on preparing a short section of a song (a verse and a chorus will be enough) - we know it's been a while, so it's fine if it something you have already used for an audition before.  A pianist will be available. Please have your music in a binder and ready to go. We will supply a reading when you arrive at the Firehouse.

To schedule your time call 607-722-2821 and leave your name and number. Someone will contact you will your day & time.

Show dates are June 4, 5, 6, 11, 12 & 13. Rehearsals begin April 5.


This show will be performed by young adults/adults (ages 16 and up) using puppetry and will require a greater than typical time commitment and a willingness to learn new (and exciting) skills.

Hope to see many of you soon!