Show Dates

FEBRUARY 4, 5, 6, 11, 12 & 13, 2022

Directed by Scott Fisher 

Music Direction by Hilary Rozek

Thank you to everyone who came out to support this upcoming production by auditioning. We were surprised (and delighted) with the response, but are also sad to not be able to include every performer in the cast. (We honestly tried by expanding the ensemble to the maximum we can accommodate in our small performance space!) 

You were all great and we certainly would love to see you come back to audition for upcoming shows! 

If you accept your role please confirm by contacting Scott at nypa_scott@yahoo.com
by Monday, Nov. 22

Tuck Everlasting


JESSE TUCK                                         Josh Schull

MAE TUCK                                   Shirley Goodman

MILES TUCK                                          Austin Kiley

ANGUS TUCK                                      Joe Hoffman

WINNIE FOSTER                          Alice Richardson

MAN IN THE YELLOW SUIT                 John Penird

BETSY FOSTER                        Maureen Dancesia

NANA                                                   Lonna Pierce

HUGO                                                       Sam Smith

CONSTABLE JOE                               Rick Kumpon


Sarah Wallikas

Abbey Lane

Kaitlin Pearson

Anna Simek

Hannah Gdovin

Anna Richie

Eleri Rodriguez

Elizabeth Hotalen

Megan Howland

Josh Smith

Douglas Harrington

Matt O’Ryan

Vito Longo

Nick Merrill